Nalákat in english

Translation: nalákat, Dictionary: czech » english

inveigle, entice, allure, bait, decoy
nalákat in english

Additional translations

beguile, lure, to lure, entice, to entice

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Synonyms & Translations

  • okouzlit
  • ošidit
  • obalamutit
  • nalákat
  • krátit si
  • vymámit


naložení in english - loading, lining, load, loaded, the loading, lading, shipment, ...
naložit in english - load, pickle, stow, load up, pack, freight, entrain, ...
naléhat in english - urge, insist, insisting, to urge, to insist
naléhavost in english - urgency, urgency of, the urgency, the urgency of, urgency of the

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Nalákat in english - Dictionary: czech » english
Translations: inveigle, entice, allure, bait, decoy, beguile, lure, to lure, entice, to entice