Odevzdání in english

Translation: odevzdání, Dictionary: czech » english

commitment, transfer, consignment, transmission
odevzdání in english

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submission, surrender, commit, handing, submitting

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Synonyms & Translations

  • zásilka
  • odevzdání


odevzdanost in english - resignation, surrender, dedication, resignation to, abandonment
odevzdat in english - hand, hand in, turn in, surrender, cast, give, deliver, refer, ...
odezva in english - response, response of, the response, feedback, a response, repercussion, echo
odečtení in english - deduction, deduction of, deducting, minus, the deduction

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Odevzdání in english - Dictionary: czech » english
Translations: commitment, transfer, consignment, transmission, submission, surrender, commit, handing, submitting