Stydlivý in english

Translation: stydlivý, Dictionary: czech » english

sheepish, coy, bashful, shy, shamefaced
stydlivý in english

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bashful, demure, cockshy, coy, shy

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Synonyms & Translations

  • stydlivý
  • ostýchavý

  • upejpavý
  • stydlivý
  • ostýchavý

  • upejpavý
  • stydlivý
  • ostýchavý
  • skromný

  • stydlivý


stvůra in english - creature, monster, beast, a monster, the monster
stydlivost in english - shyness, timidity, bashfulness, modesty
styk in english - contact, intercourse, come into contact, relations, contacts, connection, connexion, ...
styl in english - style, style of, the style, the style of, fashion, manner

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Stydlivý in english - Dictionary: czech » english
Translations: sheepish, coy, bashful, shy, shamefaced, bashful, demure, cockshy, coy, shy