Uncovering in italian

Translation: uncovering, Dictionary: english » italian

scoprire, scoprendo, la scoperta, svelare, scoprire le
uncovering in italian

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obsequious in italian - ossequioso, ossequiosa, ossequiosi, servile, appiccicoso
uncover in italian - scoprire, svelare, scoprire i, scoprire le, di scoprire
uncovered in italian - scoperto, non coperto, coperto, scoperta, scoperti
uncovers in italian - scopre, a nudo, mette a nudo
uncritical in italian - acritico, acritica, acritici, non critico, acriticamente

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Uncovering in italian - Dictionary: english » italian
Translations: scoprire, scoprendo, la scoperta, svelare, scoprire le