Broussailles in english

Translation: broussailles, Dictionary: french » english

scrub, thicket, undergrowth, brushwood
broussailles in english

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scrub, brushwood, undergrowth, brush, bushes

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Synonyms & Translations

  • broussailles
  • nettoyage
  • frottement
  • brosse
  • grattement
  • cambrousse

  • broussailles
  • brindilles
  • menu bois

  • broussailles
  • sous-bois


brouill├ęs in english - scrambled, blurred, interfered, interfered with
broussaille in english - brush, bush, brushwood, scrub, undergrowth, thicket
broussailleux in english - bushy, shaggy, scrubby, brushy, scrub
brousse in english - bush, brush, the bush, bauble, jungle, scrub, ...

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Broussailles in english - Dictionary: french » english
Translations: scrub, thicket, undergrowth, brushwood, scrub, brushwood, undergrowth, brush, bushes