Formend in english

Translation: formend, Dictionary: german » english

sculpturing, sculpting, shaping, formative
formend in english

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formative, shaping, transformative

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Synonyms & Translations

  • prägend
  • formativ
  • formend
  • bildend
  • Bildungs-


formelzeichen in english - formulaic, formal, formula, the formula, formulas, symbol
formen in english - shape, form, mold, forms, shapes, model, moulding
formende in english - forming, shaping, formative, formatively, modelling
formenlehre in english - morphology, theory of form, formenlehre, theory of forms

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Formend in english - Dictionary: german » english
Translations: sculpturing, sculpting, shaping, formative, formative, shaping, transformative