Neid in english

Translation: neid, Dictionary: german » english

enviousness, jealousy, envy
neid in english

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envy, jealousy, envious, with envy

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Synonyms & Translations

  • Neid
  • Missgunst

  • Eifersucht
  • Neid
  • Missgunst


nehmen in english - take, accept, assume, taking, to take, taken
nehmend in english - taking, referring, catching
neider in english - envious, enviers, envious people, envier
neidisch in english - envious, jealous, envy, envious of, jealous of, enviously, green, ...

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Neid in english - Dictionary: german » english
Translations: enviousness, jealousy, envy, envy, jealousy, envious, with envy