Zeitalter in english

Translation: zeitalter, Dictionary: german » english

age, ages, aeon
zeitalter in english

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age, era, the age, age of, ages

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Synonyms & Translations

  • Alter
  • Zeitalter
  • Zeit
  • Lebensdauer

  • Periode
  • Zeit
  • Frist
  • Dauer
  • Epoche
  • Zeitalter


zeitabschnitt in english - period, time period, period of time, time segments, in time segments
zeitabstand in english - lag, time interval, interval, time gap, delay
zeitangabe in english - and time conversion dates, dates on, time conversion dates on, time indication, time specification, date
zeitaufwendig in english - time consuming, time-consuming

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Zeitalter in english - Dictionary: german » english
Translations: age, ages, aeon, age, era, the age, age of, ages