Mimo in english

Translation: mimo, Dictionary: polish » english

notwithstanding, despite, with, for
mimo in english

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despite, though, although, despite the, spite

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Synonyms & Translations

  • mimo

  • mimo
  • wszelako
  • przecie┼╝
  • przecie
  • pomimo
  • wszystko jedno

  • mimo

for all
  • mimo
  • o ile

  • mimo


mimika in english - mimicry, facial expression, facial expressions, facial, mimic
mimikra in english - mimicry, mimicry of, of mimicry, mimicking
mimochodem in english - by the way, in passing, incidentally, en passant, casually
mimowolnie in english - involuntarily, unintentionally, inadvertently, unwittingly, involuntary

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Mimo in english - Dictionary: polish » english
Translations: notwithstanding, despite, with, for, despite, though, although, despite the, spite