Pogaństwo in english

Translation: pogaństwo, Dictionary: polish » english

paganism, heathen, pagan, heathenism
pogaństwo in english

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paganism, heathenism, pagan, of paganism

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  • pogaństwo

  • pogaństwo


pogawędzić in english - chat, talk, to chat, socialize, a chat
pogański in english - pagan, heathen, unrestrained, the pagan, a pagan, heathenish, unchristian
pogderać in english - grumble
pogięcie in english - bending, materials to warp, to warp, curve

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Pogaństwo in english - Dictionary: polish » english
Translations: paganism, heathen, pagan, heathenism, paganism, heathenism, pagan, of paganism