Umocowanie in english

Translation: umocowanie, Dictionary: polish » english

clamp, empowerment
umocowanie in english

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fixation, empowerment, fixing, legitimacy, anchored

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Synonyms & Translations

  • biczowanie
  • cięcie
  • chłostanie
  • umocowanie


umocnienie in english - strengthening, strengthen, strengthening of, strengthening of the, to strengthen, overwork, fortification, consolidation, ...
umocnić in english - strengthen, to strengthen, consolidate, reinforce, strengthening, harden
umocować in english - fix, authorize, secure, attach, secure the, anchor, hitch, ...
umocowywać in english - moor, hitch

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Umocowanie in english - Dictionary: polish » english
Translations: clamp, empowerment, fixation, empowerment, fixing, legitimacy, anchored