Reembolso in english

Translation: reembolso, Dictionary: portuguese » english

redemption, repeal, repayment
reembolso in english

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reimbursement, repayment, refund, Return, refunds

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Synonyms & Translations

  • reembolso

  • restituição
  • reembolso

  • reembolso
  • pagamento
  • retribuição
  • ressarcimento
  • recompensa

return of payment
  • reembolso


reembolsar in english - repay, reimburse, refund, repaying, reimbursed, reiterate
reembolse in english - refund, reimburse, repay, reimburses, to reimburse, repayment
reevocar in english - retrace, revoke, recall, revolt
refazer in english - remake, rebuild, repeat, redo, retrace, remark

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Reembolso in english - Dictionary: portuguese » english
Translations: redemption, repeal, repayment, reimbursement, repayment, refund, Return, refunds