Пузатый in english

Translation: пузатый, Dictionary: russian » english

paunchy, pot-bellied
пузатый in english

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paunchy, bellied, potbellied, tubby

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Synonyms & Translations

  • пузатый
  • толстобрюхий
  • толстый

  • пузатый
  • прожорливый

  • пузатый


пудрить in english - puff, to powder, powdered, powdering, powder her, powder
пудриться in english - powdered, powdering, to powder, puff, powder
пузо in english - paunch, belly, potbelly, the belly, a paunch, pot-belly, ...
пузырек in english - bubble, vesicle, vial, phial, the bubble, bulb, ...

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Пузатый in english - Dictionary: russian » english
Translations: paunchy, pot-bellied, paunchy, bellied, potbellied, tubby