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Synonyms: earthbound

waste time, dally, dawdle, loiter, linger, take one's time, delay, temporize, stall, procrastinate, pussyfoot around, drag one's feet, dither, hesitate, falter, vacillate, waver, hem and haw, shilly-shally, lollygag, let the grass grow under one's feet, tarry, dillydally, shillyshally, drag one's heels

Translations: earthbound

rasant, terrestre

pozemní, přízemní, pozemský


maalähedane, kujutlusvõimetu

pozemní, pozemský, povrchní

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The meaning and "use of": earthbound

  • attached or restricted to the earth.
  • attached or limited to material existence as distinct from a spiritual or heavenly one.
  • moving toward the earth.

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