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it gets better, pom gets wifi, tanisha gets married, girl gets fingered

Synonyms: gets

acquire, obtain, come by, receive, gain, earn, win, come into, take possession of, be given, buy, purchase, procure, secure, gather, collect, pick up, hook, net, land, achieve, attain, get one's hands on, get one's mitts on, get hold of, grab, bag, score, be sent, be in receipt of, become, grow, turn, go, fetch, go for, call for, bring, deliver, convey, ferry, transport, be paid, take home, bring in, make, gross, pocket, bank, rake in, apprehend, catch, arrest, capture, seize, take prisoner, take into custody, detain, put in jail, put behind bars, imprison, incarcerate, collar, nab, nail, run in, pinch, bust, pull in, travel by/on/in, take, use, succumb to, develop, come/go down with, get sick with, fall victim to, be struck down with, be afflicted by/with, become infected with, contract, fall ill with, be taken ill with, experience, suffer, be afflicted with, sustain, feel, have, contact, get in touch with, communicate with, make contact with, reach, phone, call, radio, speak to, talk to, hear, discern, distinguish, make out, perceive, follow, take in, understand, comprehend, grasp, see, fathom, unravel, decipher, get the drift of, catch on to, latch on to, figure out, arrive, come, make it, turn up, appear, come on the scene, approach, enter, present oneself, come along, materialize, show one's face, show (up), roll in/up, blow in, persuade, induce, prevail on/upon, influence, contrive, arrange, find a way, manage, work it, fix it, prepare, get ready, cook, assemble, muster, concoct, fix, rustle up, take revenge on, exact/wreak revenge on, get one's revenge on, avenge oneself on, take vengeance on, get even with, pay back, get back at, exact retribution on, give someone their just deserts, baffle, perplex, puzzle, bewilder, mystify, bemuse, confuse, confound, flummox, faze, stump, beat, fox, discombobulate, annoy, irritate, exasperate, anger, irk, vex, provoke, incense, infuriate, madden, try someone's patience, ruffle someone's feathers, aggravate, peeve, miff, rile, get to, needle, get someone's back up, get on someone's nerves, get someone's goat, drive mad, make someone see red, tee off, tick off, draw, aim, drive, start, set about, set out, start out, get down, begin, commence, nonplus, amaze, dumbfound, stick, gravel, pose, stupefy, find, incur, let, produce, generate, beget, sire, bring forth, mother, engender, father, bugger off, scram, buzz off, fuck off, stimulate, cause, pay off

Translations: gets

consigue, obtiene, recibe, coge, pone

wird, bekommt

obtient, reçoit, gagne

ottiene, diventa, prende, riceve, arriva

fica, recebe, obtém, chega, começa

krijgt, wordt, zet, weer, komt

получает, становится, попадает, приобретает, получит

blir, får, kommer, fikk, headet

blir, får, få

saa, pääsee, kokemasi haittavaikutus, ehtii, kokemasi haittavaikutus on

får, bliver, sætter, kommer, gør

dostane, dostává, se dostává, sa dostává, však míří

dostaje, pobiera, robi, dostanie, wystąpią

kap, lesz, jelentkeznek, válik, kerül

alır, olur, alıyor

παίρνει, γίνεται, ανθρώπους, λαμβάνει, αποκτά

отримує, одержує

merr, merr të, e merr, bëhet, të merr

получава, стане, става, получи, попадне

атрымлівае, атрымоўвае

saab, muutub, läheb, satub, jõuab

dobiva, dobije, postaje, stiže, postane

fær, reynast, öllum, upp reynast, verður

gauna, pasireiškia, tampa, atsidavęs, pasireiškė

izpaužas, kļūst, saņem, Jums izpaužas, iegūst

добива, се добива, станува, добие, доби

devine, ajunge, persoanele, primește, finalizat deoarece

dobi, postane, bolnikih, pride


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The meaning and "use of": gets

  • come to have or hold (something); receive.
  • succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing; obtain.
  • enter or reach a specified state or condition; become.
  • come, go, or make progress eventually or with some difficulty.
  • catch or apprehend (someone).
  • understand (an argument or the person making it).
  • acquire (knowledge) by study; learn.

  • an animal's offspring.
  • a person whom the speaker dislikes or despises.

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