Word: rottener

Synonyms: rottener

decaying, rotting, bad, off, far gone, decomposing, putrid, putrescent, perished, moldy, moldering, mildewy, rancid, festering, fetid, maggoty, wormy, decayed, carious, black, disintegrating, crumbling, corrupt, unprincipled, dishonest, dishonorable, unscrupulous, untrustworthy, immoral, villainous, wicked, evil, iniquitous, venal, crooked, nasty, unkind, unpleasant, obnoxious, vile, contemptible, despicable, shabby, loathsome, spiteful, mean, low, malicious, hateful, hurtful, unfair, uncharitable, uncalled for, dirty, lowdown, poor, dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful, atrocious, hopeless, inadequate, inferior, substandard, crummy, pathetic, useless, lousy, appalling, abysmal, miserable, horrible, disappointing, regrettable, guilty, conscience-stricken, remorseful, ashamed, shamefaced, chastened, contrite, sorry, regretful, repentant, penitent, shitty, crappy, stinking, stinky, icky, rotted

Translations: rottener


The meaning and "use of": rottener

  • suffering from decay.

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