Word: sickliest

Synonyms: sickliest

unhealthy, in poor health, delicate, frail, weak, pale, wan, pasty, sallow, pallid, ashen, anemic, insipid, light, light-colored, washed out, faded, sentimental, mawkish, cloying, sugary, syrupy, saccharine, mushy, slushy, schmaltzy, weepy, lovey-dovey, corny, cornball, sappy, hokey, three-hankie, indisposed, seedy, poorly, ailing, unwell, peaked, under the weather

Translations: sickliest


malsaines, plus malsaines

The meaning and "use of": sickliest

  • often ill; in poor health.
  • (of a flavor, smell, color, or light) so unpleasant as to induce discomfort or nausea.

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