Dluhopis in english

Translation: dluhopis, Dictionary: czech » english

obligation, debenture, bond
dluhopis in english

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bond, IOU, debenture, a bond, bonds

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Synonyms & Translations

  • pouto
  • dluhopis
  • spoj
  • závazek
  • smlouva

  • dluhopis
  • obligace
  • úpis


dlouze in english - long, hold, and hold, hold down, and hold down
dluh in english - debt, the debt, debt is, debt of, a debt, engagement, score, ...
dlužen in english - owe, owed, owing, owes, indebted
dlužit in english - owe, owing, owed, to owe, owe the

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Dluhopis in english - Dictionary: czech » english
Translations: obligation, debenture, bond, bond, IOU, debenture, a bond, bonds