Ladit in english

Translation: ladit, Dictionary: czech » english

tune, attune, harmonize, cohere
ladit in english

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tune, debug, harmonize, to debug, tuning

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Synonyms & Translations

  • ladit
  • odvšivit
  • odhmyzit
  • zkoušet

  • harmonizovat
  • sladit
  • ladit
  • dát do souladu
  • harmonovat


labužník in english - gastronome, gourmet, gastrologer, gourmand, gastronomist
labyrint in english - labyrinth, maze, labyrinth of, a labyrinth, the labyrinth
ladič in english - tuner, knob, ladič, debugger, the tuner
ladička in english - tuner, pitchfork, fork, tuning fork, a tuning fork

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Ladit in english - Dictionary: czech » english
Translations: tune, attune, harmonize, cohere, tune, debug, harmonize, to debug, tuning