Fordel in english

Translation: fordel, Dictionary: danish » english

advantage, vantage, benefit
fordel in english

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benefit, advantage, favor, benefits, the benefit

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Synonyms & Translations

  • fordel

  • fordel

  • fordel
  • æg
  • brod


forbyde in english - ban, prohibit, forbid, prohibiting, banning, interdict, proscribe, disallow, ...
fordampe in english - evaporate, vaporize, evaporating, evaporator, to evaporate
fordele in english - benefits, advantages, benefit, advantage, scale, distribute
fordeling in english - distribution, allocation, breakdown, sharing, division, segmentation, partitioning, ...

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Fordel in english - Dictionary: danish » english
Translations: advantage, vantage, benefit, benefit, advantage, favor, benefits, the benefit