Auctioneer in albanian

Translation: auctioneer, Dictionary: english » albanian

drejtues ankandi, ankandi, kasneci, ankandit
auctioneer in albanian

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auction in spanish - subasta, almoneda, subastar
auctioned in albanian - ankand, në ankand, ankand të, u ankand, shitet në ankand
auctioneers in spanish - subastadores, rematadores, auctioneers, los subastadores, subastas
auctioning in spanish - subasta, la subasta, subastas, las subastas, de subasta
typhoid in albanian - tifoid, tifoide, tifoidi, tifos, ethe tofoje

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Auctioneer in albanian - Dictionary: english » albanian
Translations: drejtues ankandi, ankandi, kasneci, ankandit