Wink in portuguese

Translation: wink, Dictionary: english » portuguese

momento, instante
wink in portuguese

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piscadela, Piscada, wink do

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cochlea in portuguese - cóclea, coclear, da cóclea, cócleas
wingspans in portuguese - envergadura, envergaduras, uma envergadura, envergadura de asas
wingtip in portuguese - asa, ponta da asa, pontas das asas, nas pontas das asas
winked in portuguese - piscou, pisquei, piscou o olho, piscava, piscando
winking in portuguese - pisc, pisc a, pisc o, que pisc

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Wink in portuguese - Dictionary: english » portuguese
Translations: momento, instante, piscadela, Piscada, wink do