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settlement, liquidation
yrityksen selvitystila englanniksi

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liquidation, liquidated, company is being wound

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varainhoitaja englanniksi - treasurer, asset manager, asset manager for, the manager, asset manager with
yrittäjä englanniksi - entrepreneur, entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur, businessman
yrittää englanniksi - try, attempt, try to, trying to, to try, essay, prove, ...
yritys englanniksi - company, enterprise, firm, attempt, undertaking, essay, ...
yritysjohtaja englanniksi - business leader, business manager, business executive, business leaders, corporate manager, executive

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Yrityksen Selvitystila englanniksi - Sanakirja: suomi » englanti
Käännökset: settlement, liquidation, liquidation, liquidated, company is being wound