Correspondre in english

Translation: correspondre, Dictionary: french » english

correspond, respond, agree, reply, answer
correspondre in english

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correspond, match, fit, matching, to correspond

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Synonyms & Translations

  • correspondre
  • être l'équivalent de

  • répondre
  • répondre à
  • correspondre
  • riposter
  • être responsable de

tie in
  • concorder
  • correspondre
  • être lié


correspondit in english - corresponded
correspondons in english - been corresponding, are corresponding, correspond
corresponds in english - matching, and receive their, receive their, correspond
correspondu in english - corresponded, matched, corresponded to

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Correspondre in english - Dictionary: french » english
Translations: correspond, respond, agree, reply, answer, correspond, match, fit, matching, to correspond