Synthétique in english

Translation: synthétique, Dictionary: french » english

manmade, summary, summarized, synthetic, man-made
synthétique in english

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synthetic, artificial, plastic, of synthetic, summary

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Synonyms & Translations

  • synthétique

  • artificiel
  • synthétique
  • factice
  • faux
  • chimique

  • synthétique


syntaxique in english - syntactic, syntax, syntactical, syntactically
synthèse in english - synthesis, synthetic, summary, synthesizing, overview, review
synthétiser in english - synthesize, synthesizing, synthesized, synthesise, synthesis, syphilis
syntonisation in english - tuning, tune, tuner, tuned

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Synthétique in english - Dictionary: french » english
Translations: manmade, summary, summarized, synthetic, man-made, synthetic, artificial, plastic, of synthetic, summary