Dickbäuchig in english

Translation: dickbäuchig, Dictionary: german » english

potbellied, paunchy
dickbäuchig in english

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potbellied, paunchy, bulbous

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Synonyms & Translations

  • dickbäuchig

  • bauchig
  • knollig
  • dickbäuchig
  • knotig


dickbauch in english - potbelly
dickbäuche in english - thick, fat, thickness, dick, potbellies
dickdarm in english - colon, large intestine, the large intestine, the colon
dickdarmkatarrh in english - colitis

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Dickbäuchig in english - Dictionary: german » english
Translations: potbellied, paunchy, potbellied, paunchy, bulbous