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thicket, brush
fratta in inglese

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thicket, HendrikusNetherlands, fractured, Through fractured

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fratta dizionario di lingua inglese, fratta na corsa, frattamaggiore, fratta pasini carlo, fratta pasini, fratta polesine, fratta in inglese


fratellanza in inglese - brotherhood, fraternity, brotherliness, fellowship, the brotherhood
fratello in inglese - brother, sibling, his brother
frattaglie in inglese - offal, giblets, chitterlings, entrails
frattanto in inglese - meanwhile, meantime, the meantime, in the meantime
nullaosta in inglese - authorization, permission, clearance, green light

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Traduzioni: thicket, brush, thicket, HendrikusNetherlands, fractured, Through fractured