Ceļvedis in english

Translation: ceļvedis, Dictionary: latvian » english

guide, guidebook
ceļvedis in english

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guidebook, guide, guide to, guide for

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Synonyms & Translations

  • ceļvedis

  • ceļvedis

  • maršruts
  • ceļvedis
  • ceļojuma piezīmes


ceļojums in english - trip, tour, journey, travel, voyage
ceļotājs in english - traveler, a traveler, travelers, the traveler, traveller
ceļš in english - road, way, route, gateway, path
ciemats in english - settlement, village, village of, the village, village on, hamlet

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Ceļvedis in english - Dictionary: latvian » english
Translations: guide, guidebook, guidebook, guide, guide to, guide for