Higrometr in english

Translation: higrometr, Dictionary: polish » english

higrometr in english

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hygrometer, a hygrometer, the hygrometer

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Synonyms & Translations

  • higrometr
  • wilgotnoĊ›ciomierz
  • wilgociomierz


higieniczny in english - hygienic, sanitary, healthy, hygiene, hygienically
higienista in english - sanitarian, hygienist, hygienist will, industrial hygienist
higrometria in english - hygrometry
higroskop in english - hygroscope, hygroscope while, with hygroscope, hygroscope while the

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Higrometr in english - Dictionary: polish » english
Translations: hygrometer, hygrometer, a hygrometer, the hygrometer