Wbrew in english

Translation: wbrew, Dictionary: polish » english

despite, against
wbrew in english

Additional translations

against, in spite of, contrary, contrary to

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Synonyms & Translations

  • przeciwko
  • przed
  • przeciw
  • na
  • o
  • wbrew

in spite of
  • wbrew


wbijać in english - hammered, hammer, pierce, to hammer, drive a, impale, embed, instil, ...
wbić in english - stick, drive, thrust, pierce, drive in, embed
wbudowany in english - built-in, built, embedded, in-line, inbuilt
wbudować in english - build, embed, incorporated, be built, be integrated, embody

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Wbrew in english - Dictionary: polish » english
Translations: despite, against, against, in spite of, contrary, contrary to