Пигалица in english

Translation: пигалица, Dictionary: russian » english

pewit, peewit, lapwing
пигалица in english

Additional translations: пигалица

pewit, lapwing, puny person, puny

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Synonyms & Translations: пигалица

  • чибис
  • пигалица

  • чибис
  • пигалица


пивовар in english - brewer, the brewer, brewery, brewmaster, a brewer
пивоварение in english - brewing, beer brewing, brewery, the brewing, breweries
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пигмент in english - pigment, the pigment, a pigment, pigment is, pigment of, pigmentation

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Пигалица in english - Dictionary: russian » english
Translations: pewit, peewit, lapwing, pewit, lapwing, puny person, puny