Твердит in english

Translation: твердит, Dictionary: russian » english

insists, iterates, avers, recapitulates
твердит in english

Additional translations

repeats, insists, keeps saying, keeps telling

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твердение in english - hardening, curing, hardening of, curing of, the hardening, solidification
твердеть in english - harden, solidify, hardening, hardening of, to harden, consolidate, ...
твердить in english - harp on, repeat, to repeat, repeating, harping, insist, reiterate, sat, ...
твердо in english - firmly, firm, hard, strongly, determined, surely, solidly, ...

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Твердит in english - Dictionary: russian » english
Translations: insists, iterates, avers, recapitulates, repeats, insists, keeps saying, keeps telling