Totality in belarusian

Translation: totality, Dictionary: english » belarusian

сукупнасць, сукупнасьць
totality in belarusian

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amitotic in belarusian - амитотического
totalitarianism in belarusian - таталітарызм, татлітрызм
totalities in belarusian - татальная, татальны, татальныя, татальных, татальнымі
totalize in belarusian - сумаваць, падсумаваць, падсумоўваць, суміраваць
totalized in belarusian - сумарны, сумарная

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Totality in belarusian - Dictionary: english » belarusian
Translations: сукупнасць, сукупнасьць